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No TV Day: how to make evenings hot and happening sans television

Forget those prime-time soaps, foreign dramas and not-again action movies. Spend the last hours of the day with a celebration or by simply winding down.

brunch Updated: May 31, 2014 10:40 IST
Team Brunch

Forget those prime-time soaps, foreign dramas and not-again action movies. Spend the last hours of the day with a celebration, fun or just winding down.

Idea #1
Throw a pop-culture dress-up party

When the TV is turned off, it's time to turn on the crazy. Get your friends and family to dress up as a famous person from books, movies or TV, Here are some easy ideas

Idea #2

Make a family scrapbook

Your family's quirks are better that any saas- bahu plot. Treasure them creatively.

*"The secret to a memorable scrapbook lies in the images you choose," says Kaya Shewakramani of Kreating Keepsakes. "Look through your photo albums for interesting expressions, great moments captured, unusual sentiments expressed." From your cellphone, choose shots that will fit a 4x6-inch print.

*Choose a theme. You could pick a milestone like a 50th birthday or graduation, a new addition to the family, a holiday, a hobby, or a selfie special for the narcissistic cousin.

*"When it comes to decoration, pour out your creativity," Shewakramani says. Use your own keepsakes - a treasured bar coaster, a vacation souvenir, baby booties, empty Maggi packets representing all-night study sessions, even a wedding favour. "But make sure your embellishment does not overshadow the images."

*"Make every image removable so you can update your work as time goes by," she adds. "If it's an album, leave a few pages blank to record memories in the future.

This No TV Day, we also tell you:

How to make the most of mornings without TV

How to make afternoons worthwhile without TV

Idea #3
Convert your bathroom into a spa
Those glowing faces on TV will seem like a distant memory after a little TLC.

*For the shower
Dim the lights if you can or light scented candles to set the mood.
Start off with a quick foot soak in warm water infused with soaking salts, then scrub to exfoliate. If you don't have foot salts, "rose water helps," says Achui Luikhan, manager of the Palms Spa, Colaba.

Next up: steam. If your shower has a steam setting, use it now. If not, "stand in front of or under running water, as hot as your skin can stand," says Nisha Jhaveri, owner of Myrah Spa, Juhu.

Your pores are now ready for a full-body scrub. "Put sea salt in warm water. Soak a towel in the solution and scrub your body with it," says Luikhan. Lalit Mundkur, manager of the Lalit Group's spas, recommends you "pay attention to the back of your neck, lower back, and knuckles, apart from knees, elbows, and ankles."

Rinse off with a shower, towel dry, moisturise all over while your skin is still damp and slip into bed.

*In the tub
Pick bath salts that use aromatherapy and herbs to release muscle tension and elevate your mood. "Chamomile and lavender salts can calm your fraying nerves, peppermint and grapefruit salts can reinvigorate you and rosemary salts help detox," says Jhaveri.

Or treat yourself to a body mask before you soak. Dab honey on your skin 10-15 minutes before you enter the bath. "Nothing beats natural treatment," says Mundkur. "Honey will help your skin the way bath salts would."

For the full spa experience, Jhaveri suggests one key ritual: a blend of rosemary salts and grapefruit oil in your bath water, a few jasmine flowers floating on top, and antioxidant red wine added to a full tub.

Slip in and relax. Once the warm water has calmed you down, and the salts and mask have done their work, scrub it all away with a loofah, rinse off and moisturise before you turn in for the night.

From HT Brunch, May 31
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