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  • Saudamini Jain, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Apr 07, 2015 18:43 IST

Love it
* Rohit Sharma
* When wars break out between people who loved Interstellar, those who didn’t and the ones who don’t care


* Free WiFi (in Connaught Place)

* That photo of SRK and Salman pecking Arpita Khan on the forehead

* Tweeting in Devanagari. Best thing ever. Join us!

Shove it

* If this doesn’t make you aww: Disney’s The Little Mermaid turns 25 this month. (Fun fact: Ariel was the first new Disney Princess in three decades)

* Kill Dil. The Brunch team wanted to kill someone – or themselves – after watching it

* Couples who share passwords

* That absolutely atrocious books can become bestsellers if they’re marketed well

* That after learning Sanksrit in school for five years, I know next to nothing about the language. (Should’ve studied German instead. Don’t troll me)

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