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Personal Agenda: Gulshan Grover, actor

Actor Gulshan Grover talks about his love for Delhi and the most 'bad man' thing he has ever done. Read on to know!

brunch Updated: Dec 14, 2013 22:19 IST
Veenu Singh

Birthday: September 21
Sun Sign: Virgo
Place of birth: Delhi
Hometown: Mumbai
School/College: Shri Ram College of Commerce, Delhi University
First break: Rocky (1981)
High point of your life: When my 23-year-old son was appointed the business director at the MGM headquarters in Hollywood
Low point of your life: Several things make me low – be it the breaking of a marriage or not getting your due when you deserve it

Currently I am...
Looking forward to the release of Bullett Raja and also Yaariyan are a commerce graduate. So, how did acting happen?

Initially, I did not think films would be my calling in life. But after doing theatre with the Little Theatre Group, I realised that I could shine in this field and moved to Mumbai.

If you could play the hero, which character would you love to portray?

Gatsby from The Great Gatsby. I feel that I could have done a better job.

The most ‘bad man’ thing you have ever done.

I don’t do anything bad consciously. I’m a God fearing person and immediately apologise if I wrong someone.

Today, heroes do negative roles as well. How do you feel about that?

Every actor wants a challenge and should strive to do something different. The only thing is that the heroes shouldn’t shy away from a sad ending.

How different is your negative role in Bullett Raja?

The villain in Bullett Raja is respectable, stylish and powerful. He also has a romantic and sexual relationship with the heroine.

What is the big difference between Bollywood and Hollywood?

In Bollywood, people are very hardworking and rather accommodating. In Hollywood, everything works according to a plan. There is always a designated person to take necessary decisions.

Your favourite role.

I am Kalam. I really enjoyed working in that movie.

What is your style of acting?

It’s natural and must be maintained on and off screen. It should never look forced.

What are you most comfortable in?

Jeans, undershirt and a shirt.

Actors you enjoyed working with.

Definitely Shah Rukh Khan, Manisha Koirala as well as Katrina [Kaif].

The biggest risk you have taken.

When I consciously decided to be a baddie in Bollywood. Hollywood was a big risk too.

Your best memories of Delhi.

They have to be from Delhi University, especially in winter. Those long mufflers everyone used to wear and the college festivals. It was so much fun.

Your take on the new actors in Bollywood.
They are very competitive and can’t afford to make mistakes. They are more talented than the previous guys.

A dessert that describes you.
Tiramisu. It is gentle and sweet, and can be preserved for days.

Five musts in your wardrobe.
A pair of jeans, boots, undershirts, casual blazers and my Eternity cologne.

Your fitness fundas.
I go to the gym. I swim and lift weights. I also practice a bit of yoga and meditation.

Your Favourite Food

5 qualities of a bad man
He should be a very good actor
He shouldn’t be a bad person in real life
He should be physically fit
He must have the face for it
He should be able to deal with a bad ending

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