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Personal Agenda: Priyanka Chopra, actor/singer

Know actor-singer Priyanka Chopra better in this column.

brunch Updated: Nov 10, 2012 18:58 IST
Veenu Singh

Birthday: July 18

Hometown: Mumbai

Place of birth: Jamshedpur

School/college: Army Public School, Bareilly/Jai Hind College, Mumbai

First break: The Hero: Love Story of a Spy

High point of your life: It’s now and it just keeps getting higher and higher

Low point of your life: They are a part of life, one should just keep going on

Currently doing: Promoting my song In my city from my first album and being the brand ambassador for Blender’s Pride Fashion Tour you a born singer or a born actress?

Neither. I’ve always been academically inclined. Both of these happened by chance.

What has been the inspiration behind the album?
My own life. It’s like my diary. Most of the songs have been written by me and are a reflection of my experiences.

Your favourite international singers or bands.
I like quite a few, including The Doors and TLC.

One rock band you wish you were a part of?
No Doubt.

One song you can listen to over and over again.
Can’t pinpoint any one single song as there are too many of them.

How come you never wear any jewellery?
I don’t have anything against jewellery. In fact, I quite like solitaires and have now recently started using accessories also.

The sexiest Bollywood actor?
Undoubtedly, it is Mr Bachchan. What a personality!

One director you are dying to work with.
It was my dream to be directed by Yash Chopra. Unfortunately, this dream will never come true now.

One classic you would have loved to be a part of?
Darr. I have always loved that film.

If you were chosen to be a Bond babe?
I would jump at the offer as it is an honour to be one.

Who was your first crush?
There was this boy who lived on the floor above my house whom I really liked. He was in class 10 when I was in class 6.

What is your fondest memory?
Of my brother being born.

Who are you closest to?
Both my parents. While my dad is my weakness, my mother is my strength.

A rumour you’d like to start?
That a new law has been passed under which all journalists need to disclose their source before printing any article.

One lesson about fame you want to teach an aspiring singer.
The pressure that comes along with showbiz is very hard to deal with. You should never forget who you are.

Which body part would you get insured?
My lips and I would also want to make it clear that these are my real lips.

Your last meal would be...
It would be a nice hearty one with dishes like butter chicken, good Gujarati food and lots of other goodies.

The biggest risk you’ve ever taken.
To be an actor.

Three cosmetics you can’t do without.
A good moisturiser, mascara and I also love nail art.

A dessert that describes you.
Gulab jamun – crisp from the outside and soft and sweet inside.

You have five minutes to pack, what do you take?
Just a few T-shirts and track pants.

One street food you can’t resist.

Your dream destination.

My music

Music on your playlist
It’s a mix of Hindi and English music. Right from David Guetta, Titanium to Honey Singh

Music for a season
Winter - a really nice romantic song for Dilli ki sardi

Music as a pick me up
Songs from Barfi!

What are you listening to right now?
In My City

From HT Brunch, November 11

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