The book club: The five stages of reading fan fiction

  • Aparna Sunderesan, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Jul 19, 2014 17:24 IST young-adult reading experience is incomplete until you've read (and maybe tried writing) fan fiction. Fan fiction exists in that weird part of the internet, where content ranges from the banal to outright bizarre. No wonder it induces a roller coaster of emotions.

Denial: Why would anyone make Harry and Ron a gay couple living in Manhattan with an adopted African baby?! I hate fan fiction. Wasn't Fifty Shades of Grey punishment enough? Curiosity: Well, I did always wonder what would happen if Hazel became pregnant with Gus' child halfway through The Fault in Our Stars. I'll just read a page. Or two. Or just skim through it all. Harry Styles of One Direction is a vampire and Rose Hathaway of Vampire Academy falls for him? Yes. Yes. Possible. Harry Styles is a werewolf and he and Bella Swan are childhood friends? Totally legit. Harry Styles is the secret doorkeeper to Narnia? So much Harry Styles, so little time! Oh my god, yes! Katniss as the new bachelorette with 25 guys to choose from! In the middle of the 75th Hunger Games! Peeta can go back to baking bread. Gale can go club a moose. As for me, I'll grab the popcorn.

Obsession: The Sorting Hat shows up in Middle Earth and sorts Frodo into Hufflepuff? Frodo Baggins and the Misplaced Harry Potter Crossover… why isn't this a movie?!

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