The Brunch pop-culture round-up (Part 2)

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  • Updated: Jun 06, 2015 14:35 IST

The Brunch team likes to think of itself as a small flock of cultured vultures. When we’re not out scavenging for stories, we stock up on pop culture. So here are more of our recommendations. And The Angry Inch

– Rachel Lopez

The ’98 Off-Broadway musical became a 2001 film and now has a Broadway production starring Neil Patrick Harris. It’s a tragicomic tale of a transsexual punk-rock artist from East Berlin, making sense of love, life and music in America. I wasn’t into make-up when I first watched it, now I can appreciate the glitter eye shadow on a whole new level.

Rachel does make-up like a boss


– Veenu Singh

This show on Zindagi is a story of how far a man will go to satisfy his ego. Shaan Ali Khan thinks money can buy everything including a girl’s affection. You can’t help but hate him!

Veenu is the biggest fan of Indian television in the team Low Roar

Satarupa Paul

The 2011 self-titled debut album of an Icelandic indie rock band. Their sound is electro-dream pop: that dreamy, breathy sub-genre of alternative rock that immerses you in its melody and transports you to a very calming world. And makes you feel warm inside.

Satarupa is quite dreamy herself

A Walk In The Clouds

– Payal Dighe Karkhanis

Starring Keanu Reeves and Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, this is about a military officer who meets a pregnant girl abandoned by her boyfriend. Shot in California, there are vineyards in the grape-stomping season; this 1995 film is gorgeous!

Payal is the sweetest thing you’d ever meet

Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

– Saudamini Jain

Lena Dunham is a 20-something genius. I LOVE her TV series, Girls and her film, Tiny Furniture. Memoirs of wonderfully weird feminists almost always make for super reads. So I’m very happy reading this.

Saudamini reads for a living. She never gets to read what she wants Jimi: All is by my side

– Debarun Borthakur

Many films have been made about Jimi Hendrix’s starry life. But this goes back to the early days, when he was trying to make ends meet by gigging at pubs. It’s mostly fact, sprinkled with just a little fiction. Don’t expect Purple Haze, Hey Joe or Wind That Cries Mary in the background score as director John Riddley couldn’t get the rights to use them.

This is Debarun’s first week in Brunch !

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