The gold lust: how not to smuggle it in

  • Amrah Ashraf, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Apr 19, 2014 18:22 IST

We totally stand united against gold smuggling. But, recently a man was arrested for hiding it in a flower pot. Seriously dude? Here are some other ways the gold bars will land you behind the bars.].jpgGold teeth, gold bars under the plane toilet seat, 2.5kg in gold bangles disguised to look enamelled... Authorities have found them all. because you're pregnant does not mean your belly is safe. A woman in Kerala thought strapping gold on her bump was a good plan. Customs didn't stomach the idea. staple pins on cardboard boxes, undies stuffed with coins, gold underwire bras, air conditioners gilded in gold, LED TVs with solid gold circuitry, gold batteries in kids' toys and suitcases with gold trolleys. They'll all land you in jail. Your rep, tarnished!'t hide it in your jacket, especially if you're flying to a hot destination. You'll get busted in no time, just like a woman got caught last year in Kochi.'re not Loin, Bollywood's ace smuggler, so don't hide it in your shoe heel. It's the most popular hiding spot.

From HT Brunch, April 20
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