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  • Asad Ali and Aasheesh Sharma, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Apr 18, 2015 14:00 IST Indian Premier League is back. You think it’s a wasteful hangover of the World Cup? Or are you a fanatic who needs his/her daily cricket fix? Asad Ali and Aasheesh Sharma debate it over mugs of beer.

Excerpts from a spirited conversation:

So what’s new? Don’t tell me the IPL, because it isn’t!!
Aasheesh: Expansive shots, inventive bowlers, imaginative captaincy and a raucous audience. What’s not to like?

Asad: Expansive? Maybe the ground is! A scoop over leg slip is dubbed “improvisation” and first rate Test bowlers are massacred in the name of the IPL!
Aasheesh: In the good ol’ days, my favourite shot was the leg glance. Some players still play it well. And those cheerleaders behind fine leg are a nice little digression!

Asad: I doubt how many do a proper leg glance in the IPL, unless of course they’re glancing at the digression! Also, see how Tim Southee and James Faulkner instantly buried their World Cup enmity in their Rajasthan Royals jerseys.

Asad: Making truckloads of money from this format in their countries would’ve been impossible! But how can you tolerate the ‘extraa’ elements?

Aasheesh: Meaning?

Asad: Navjot Sidhu’s aphorisms and Gaurav Kapoor’s attempts at anchoring!!

Aasheesh: If you expect Richie Benaud and Tony Cozier to commentate in T20, you’re being really optimistic.

Asad: To be honest, I liked the first IPL. Maybe because I was supporting KKR!
Aasheesh: Agreed! Like they say in the United States, every American president makes his predecessor look good.
Let’s drink to that!

From HT Brunch, April 19
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