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Why actor Vidyut Jammwal doesn't miss TV

Imagine a world without television. Can't, right? The good news is we can live perfectly entertaining lives without the idiot box in our vicinity. Fitness freak and actor Vidyut Jamwal tells us how he keeps busy without TV.

brunch Updated: Jun 02, 2014 15:01 IST

Actor, martial artist and gymnast Vidyut Jammwal is an outdoors guy – he prefers playing a sport, practising kalaripayattu and working out. But Jammwal also enjoys spending time at home. He won’t settle down with the Xbox or watch TV, though. “That’s just a colossal waste of time,” he says. “I only watch TV when there’s a cricket match, basketball game or the Ultimate Fighting Championship.”

Otherwise, the 33-year-old actor loves to lounge around, sink into some good fiction writing or listen to Bollywood music. He loves hanging out at home so much, he's even bought the small flat next door and converted it into a gym. "When at home, I prefer to work out on my own terms, in my own space," he says simply.


And he'd much rather stay in and call friends over than go out to party.

This No TV Day, we tell you:

How to make the most of mornings without TV

How to make afternoons worthwhile without TV

How to make evenings hot and happening sans television


Photo: Labony Kaushal, Hair: Yogesh Mohan Jadhav, Make-up: Manjunath k Shettigar

If you're wondering what to do with your time this No TV Day, take inspiration from this actor.

Were you ever addicted to TV?
When I was jobless, I used to watch almost everything on TV - film trailers, music videos, even saas-bahu shows. I was really interested in the lives of actors and other celebrities.

And now that you're a celebrity...
I watch a few shows because a lot of my friends work in television and I don't like looking clued out or appearing indifferent towards their craft. But I am a cricket fan, so when India's playing, I sit glued in front of the TV.

What happens when the TV's off?
You enjoy a perfectly lazy day at home. You can slip into your most comfortable pyjamas, find a cosy spot in your house and read a book. Or you could finally practise that astang yoga you have been watching on TV for the past two months. I prefer to call my friends over and just chat. Usually, people get together but end up watching a movie or play with the XBox, and don't really talk. But taking the TV out of the equation lets you connect. We like doing nothing. It is one art everyone should learn. We just talk about things that make us happy - our pasts and present. And we avoid planning for the future. Also it is a great feeling to not talk about work at home. It is a much needed break.

The one thing you enjoy doing the most at home.
I like sitting by my window early in the morning with a cup of chai and just looking at the sunrise. I also enjoy reading at the bar table.

The best way to stay fit at home.
I think people get really lazy about fitness. If you can have a space in your house dedicated to God, then you must have space dedicated to fitness. It need not be a room full of complicated equipment, just dance for 20 minutes, do yoga or just install a pole in one corner and pole dance!

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