Why you look like your mom, but are not her clone

  • Shikha Sharma, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Apr 20, 2014 17:44 IST

Not only does your DNA determine how you look and how you choose, it can also help in how you heal. Our genetic code runs the body and determines a part of our thinking process. Very few people understand that genes essentially determine who we are and how we function.

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Code Breaking

And in the future...
Even in the field of nutrition, diets will be customised and the concept of ‘one diet fits all’ will be junked. Since the diet plan will be tailor-made according to the genetic disposition, not only will it work better, it will also prevent rebound weight gain.

Genes are a mix of human coding, which we inherit from our parents. The reason we look like our parents but are not clones of them is because of the different arrangement of the genes, which we get from both parents.

Genes decide how we look, the colour of our hair and skin, the shape of our eyes, height and almost every feature. Apart from our physical self, even our tendencies and habits are partly dictated by our genetic structure.

The most fascinating thing about our gene sequence is that it is absolutely unique in every individual, even between twins. It's our personal identity code.

Now that the genetic structure has been decoded, scientists are working on trying to understand how genes can help improve our health. They believe that in the future, nutrition and medicine will be developed according to one's genetic structure, and not remain generic, as it is today.

Tomorrow's world

It won't be long before your medicine will get personalised to your genetic code. Picture this: You fall ill and go to a doctor.

The doctor or the hospital already has your genetic code in its database and according to your ailment, will prescribe medicine to suit your genetic type. Taking it a step further, how about 3D printers printing your medicine at home? And not just medicines, all the vitamins and minerals will be especially created for you.

It's simple, doctors know that different people respond differently to a particular medicine, and even the quantity varies from person to person.

Think about it, how many times have you noticed that certain medicines suit you while others don't; that a particular treatment suits you but doesn't suit your sibling?

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