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You are what you eat

How you nibble and what you keep on your plate is a mirror to your personality.

brunch Updated: Sep 21, 2013 18:19 IST
Shikha Sharma

These eating patterns are linked to personality types and are easy to spot.

Indiscriminate eaters
This personality type is constantly munching. He or she likes to eat out of boredom or just to distract the mind. Many indiscriminate eaters are rushed for time, overwhelmed by life and addicted to convenience. In such personalities, emotions like boredom and fear can function as triggers. Junk food is the comfort food they seek in stressful conditions.

Experimental Eaters
They’re excited about sampling different cuisines, will do well in creative positions because they are willing to go against the grain. Such people can be passionate and take risks.
The drawback is that when they get busy –taking care of others or get professionally occupied – they might neglect their own needs and just eat whatever happens to be available.,body,soul,sep21.jpgSlow Eaters

Those who dine slowly prefer the comfort of routine. They make it a point of savouring each morsel, indicating that they make the most of every experience. They are more likely to listen to their body signals earlier than others.

Fast Eaters
Those who finish food before everyone else tend to put other things before themselves. But they excel at finishing projects.

Mix-and-Match Eaters
People who mix more than one type of food can take on a great deal of responsibility, but might have trouble prioritising. He or she could have trouble concentrating on a task.

Frugal Eaters
Those who prefer few flavours on the plate are likely to be task-oriented and methodical in their approach. But they are less flexible when it comes to deviating from what they are used to.

The Grazers
They always carry a small pack of snacks along. They are the first to get full. Even as others are finishing appetisers and looking at the main course, they’ll announce they can’t eat anymore. Such people are usually gifted communicators. Many grazers have a sweet tooth but they tend to consume sweets only in small quantities.

One-Big-Meal Eaters
Such people usually skip breakfast and binge on coffee, sugary biscuits and unhealthy snacks. Their hunger levels go up dramatically after 4pm. Then they eat whatever is available. They may lose their temper when they don’t see others as passionate about work as they are.

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From HT Brunch, September 22

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