Big screen, on demand

Ever had an occasion when you're out travelling or camping, and missed watching a movie? Electricity is on hand, you even have the paraphernalia for playing your favourite dvd, but there's no television, and end all hunched up over your iPod (or if you are lucky, iPad) for entertainment.

The answer may lie in portable projectors. First came a few unknown companies, and the majors followed: LG, HP, Benq, even 3M got into the game. But how will you differentiate among them? What are the yardsticks? What does ANSI Lumens mean? And do you really NEED a projector?

Let us look at some basic criteria: a USB slot, decent sound quality, portability, a clean picture projection, bright enough for a dimly-lit room, maybe a great interface as well. We tried three models, and here are the results.


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