'I have no desire to join politics'

  • Sandeep Bamzai and Deepak Joshi, PTI
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  • Updated: May 20, 2005 17:37 IST

You have said that only idiots retire, the succession plans at Bajaj Auto have been smooth with both Rajiv and Sanjiv being given critical assignments. What role do you envisage for yourself after 40 years at the helm?
When I said on TV that idiots retire, I was partly being humourous. But, I believe that everyone who is in good health must continue to add value to something till he breathes his last.

As chairman, will you continue to guide your company or will you venture into politics and a seat in Parliament?
My role has shifted from managing the day-to-day operations of Bajaj Auto, which I did till a few years ago, to being a sounding board and guide for the new management team. Also, to represent all stakeholders and ensure that their legitimate interests are safeguarded.

I have neither the desire nor any plans to venture into politics or enter Parliament. I believe as an industrialist and as a plain speaking person, in my own small way I have been and will continue to contribute to public life.

The problems with your brother Shishir seem to be over, the settlement seems to be in place, by when will it conclude?
Yes, my brother Shishir’s separation from the rest of us four, is now moving well and the final agreement should be signed within the next 2 - 3 months. You will appreciate that such a separation in a large group involves great deal of complexities including looking at the implications of capital gains and gift taxes.


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