Kindle e-reader launches at Brazilian retail

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  • Updated: Dec 21, 2012 15:15 IST

Amazon has supported the Kindle's recently opened Brazilian online store by launching the latest, lightest Kindle edition in partnership with bookstore chain Livraria da Vila and web merchant Pontofrio.

Though in US dollar terms the Kindle is twice as expensive in Brazil as it is in the States, among its South American peers it carries a relatively lightweight pricetag.

At R$299 ($145/€110) it is more than half the price of the Positivo Alfa or COOL-ER, and manages to undercut the more frugal Kobo Touch by a quarter.

Apple, Amazon and Google have all launched localized Brazilian e-book stores in the last few months, following Ratuken's partnership with Livraria Cultura, which saw the Kobo Touch introduced to the national chain.


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