How to make your credit card work for you

  • Ashwini Kumar Sharma & Sunita Abraham, Livemint
  • Updated: Jun 06, 2016 11:25 IST
Illustration by Jayachandran (Livemint)

The favourite whipping boy for any problems that ails personal finance is the credit card. You blame it for your lack of savings, your lack of discipline in spending and anything else you can pile on it. While it may be the snake in most personal finance paradises, there are compelling reasons to include them in your financial tool kit to help you manage your personal finances.

However, for credit cards to work to your advantage, it is necessary that you develop the habit to use credit cards responsibly. This includes developing the discipline on how much to spend, what to spend on and make payments on the card when they are due. And the most important thing is to remember that the credit card may stand in for cash, but it cannot stand in for your income.

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