Why travel apps are a necessity, not a luxury

  • N Madhavan, Hindustan Times
  • Updated: Aug 24, 2014 22:31 IST

I write this from San Francisco, after a realisation: the Internet first made travel easier and more convenient, but soon, travel apps may become, not “nice to have” or “great to have”, but “must haves” .

I changed fights at Dubai and realised only a day before the flight that the seat number had not been allocated. There was a time when there was no option but to seek seats at the time of check-in. Now, it can be done earlier.

I tried to use “manage flights” on the Emirates website, but it said the change was possible only at the time of online check-in. I checked in online, but for some reason, it did not let me choose a seat. I decided to check the seating system, and discovered a site called Seatguru.com that gives visual displays of the aircraft and useful comments. Then I moved the travel agent, and just about managed a good seat.

I realised I was slightly better off than those not online – and that those who had a clutch of apps for booking, taxi and maps must be even better off than I.

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