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Your Own Private Broadcasting Show now on Youtube

business Updated: Nov 18, 2011 20:01 IST

How many times have you wished you could be the next Barkha Dutt or a celebrity chef like Sanjeev Kapoor or maybe India's own Shakira? How many times have you seen TV hosts and wondered you could do better? It's a friendly universe said Einstein and guess what your wish has been granted.

The Youtube Partner Programme

Recently Google India launched the YouTube Partner Programme. The programme gives an opportunity to all original content creators to showcase their creative work on a global platform and consequently become partners with YouTube. Now isn't that what you could always do, so what's new? Well you could always upload your videos but what is new is the revenue partnership with Youtube. Being a partner, you can monetize your work on YouTube via advertising. YouTube offers a split on revenue generated by the ads (showcased on the partner's videos) with the "partner enjoying the majority share".

The only requirements are that the content be original and uploaded regularly.

How it works?

Youtube shares revenue with its partners in the Youtube Partner Programme.. Once a video creator has been initiated into the Partner Program, ads start appearing overlaid or next to their videos. YouTube then splits the revenue generated by those ads with the partner. Youtube claims the majority of the share goes to the partner.

What you need?

> a good, preferably a high definition video camera
> wear a smile and confidence and that it!

Google Revenue Sharing Joke

Now this is an old Google joke "partner enjoying the majority share". They said the same for Google Adsense for years. If the partner enjoys the major share then why not disclose the revenue sharing details? Won't any company be more than happy to share revenue details if they gave more to their partner than they took themselves. Sadly Google is worse than what the Puritans of the most Puritan Religion would in sharing and diluting their pure virgin sacred knowledge in this bad bad world! Google does have a privacy problem and is not open about sharing revenue aspects.

The good news is even if Google doesn't want to break its "vow on revenue can't be disclosed, partner gets more" this program does have substantial monetary benefits for its content providers which could range between Rs.20,000 to Rs.20 lacs or more for serious content creators depending on the popularity and originality of the content. So much is the revenue potential that there are programs that are exclusively produced professionally just for Youtube.

According to Hitendra Merchant, Founder and CEO of Yoboho New Media "Every creator requires an audience, and the YouTube Partner program not only ensured that we had a huge number of viewers but also ensured that we get rewarded well over a period of time, which really took us by surprise. "

Engaging Content Providers - The next Celebrity Chef not on TV but on Youtube

Google is the master of engaging online eyeballs. In this case it has created a platform for engaging the content providers for providing quality content and also a way of making sure they generate quality content. So let's say cooking is your passion. Google has come up with Youtube Next Chef. If fitness is your passion then they have Youtube Next Trainer programs. Something like that not just skyrockets your career but it can also do amazing things for your bank accounts which soaring revenues. . Consider the incentives Google offers to its content partners - a 12-week course via Google+ Hangouts and giving $15,000 worth equipment and promotional package, all to help them share their passion for food or fitness on YouTube.

The Revenue Potential

Google has over 20,000 content providers worldwide in its Youtube Partner Programme. Youtube says it pays out millions of dollars to people through the Partner Program, with hundreds of partners making more than $100,000 per year and thousands of partners make more than $1,000 per month

Take for instance the case of independent video creators who earn money from the advertising next to their videos. Desimad on Youtube gets over 6000 million views across their multiple channels or Jai Hind TV which has created an entire Late Night Comedy Show in Hindi with over 10.8 million total views. Other partners include- independent artists, tech bloggers and house wives who post recipe videos. If having your own show is your passion, this may work for you just right.

( Puneet Mehrotra writes on technology )