14 eateries fail food safety test, fined

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
  • Updated: Dec 24, 2014 12:12 IST

The UT administration has fined at least 14 Food Business Operators (FBO) including international food chain and local sweet shops, for not following proper norms as per Food Safety and Standard Act, 2006.

Prominent eateries fined by the administration include Subway in Sector 32 and Punjab Stores in Sector 9 D.

The maximum number of samples are taken during the festival season in the months of October and November.

Deputy commissioner Mohammed Shayin said, “The food samples were found adulterated after which the fine was imposed. If the shop owner has done the violation for the first time, fine is imposed. If the same shopkeeper is found on the wrong footing and indulging in violation again, then the licence can be cancelled.”

In all six sweets shops have been fined.

The shops are Bengali sweets in Manimajra, Doaba sweets and Rasoi in Sector 21, Himachal Sweets in Sector 34, Hargobind Sweets in Dhanas, Mahadev Sweets in Village Daria and Gurcharan sweets in Sector 33-A.

Other shops fined are Shree Balaji Trading Company in Village Burail; Wellgrow Health care in Industrial area phase II; Surya fast food and restaurant Sector 12.

The fine comes after the food samples collected from the shops failed the test and was not found worth consuming.

The tests were conducted about one and a half month back. After the samples failed the companies and shops owners were given a hearing.

A total of Rs 1.55 lakh has been collected after imposing the fine on the shops.

Food Business operators and fine imposed (in Rs)

Bengali Sweets, Manimajra 10,000
Subway, Sector-32 10,000
Punjab Stores, Sector 9 5,000
Surya Fast food 5,000
Doaba Sweets, Sector 21 25,000
Himachal Sweets, Sector 34 20,000
Hargobind Sweets, Dhanas 20,000

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