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A matter of perspective

chandigarh Updated: Feb 04, 2015 14:44 IST
Promil Dada
Promil Dada
Hindustan Times


While embarking on the journey called life, we come across stations we like and some we dislike. The degree may vary but we encounter both. A few years ago, my train stopped at a station I’d call Bore. Boredom loomed so large that whatever I did and no matter where I was, I was bored. This word was high on my vocabulary as I would use it several times every day. In my e-mails to my children and friends, I would use it after every couple of sentences. People close to me tried to show me the merits of other things but to no avail.

Finally, I decided to find out what others did to stay busy. Believe me, they did all things I did and still seemed to enjoy themselves. So I reached a conclusion, which seemed a profound revelation at that time. The problem was not ‘out there’, it was ‘in here, within me’.

Having nailed the problem, I searched within for the solution. I sat myself down along with my thoughts and beliefs and traced my steps backwards. I just had to find out when this malaise took over my life. Previously I used to say, “I am an incurable optimist”; I had zest for all things in life. Life was great, there were tremendous things waiting to be explored, enjoyed and celebrated. When and why did all that stop?

Going down memory lane, I came to a time that’s important in life and a source of joy and satisfaction. My daughter got married and my son left for further studies to the US. I was happy and proud. What I didn’t realise was that these two events happened close together, creating a vacuum. Nothing interested me and I was bored and restless.

During this quest, I came across a quote that said, “Drishti badlo, shrishti badal jayegee. (Change your viewpoint, everything will change)”.

I changed my perspective and life changed. People became interesting, I reconnected to my passion of reading, tried new dishes for my grandchildren, knitted for them, felt a connection in my social work and suddenly had so many things to do. I thank the universe that I have passed that station in life which I did not enjoy but which taught me a lesson that is the key to happiness. I and only I can give meaning to my existence. I and only I can make myself happy.

The writer is a Ludhiana-based freelance contributor.