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A New Year 're-solution'

chandigarh Updated: Jan 01, 2013 01:05 IST
Parminder Kaur

Yearning to resolve a weighty issue or trying to shun a bad indulgence, make a resolution this New Year. Why? Because it's a re-solution to the problems you failed to resolve last year. A New Year resolution is a 'Ram ban (arrow)' not only for all 'Ravana' habits, it may be a resolute to achieve or excel in a personal or professional goal. All in all, having a resolution is like placebo, no side-effects only illusionary benefits. However, keep this little secret strictly to yourself, lest you'll be mercilessly laughed at and reminded of your failure as resolution keeper, at every step you falter.

It was in high school that this magic word 'resolution' entered the realms of my vocabulary, as an elite phenomenon befalling the lives of celebrities and socialites only. A notion reiterated by Bollywood magazines and TV shows that discerningly flashed the endearing list of celeb New Year resolutions: "This year, I will work in fewer projects and choose quality over quantity"; "I will never go under a knife to enhance my beauty"; and "I will contest elections for the cause of my poor brethren". I was in awe of these life-changing resolutions, while we mortals ushered in the New Year by watching the good-old Doordarshan fare and verbally photocopying greetings to one and all.

To me, a New Year resolution was a style statement, conceived and delivered for the world to know, by those, whom the world already knows. Personal significance of a resolution, if any, was unknown. After all, what's the fun of making a public (self) commitment in private?

By the time I graduated from college and landed a job, I disillusioned myself into thinking that I had finally arrived and was competent enough to join the New Year Resolution Club. Now, the challenge was to find a perfect pitch for my maiden resolution innings. It had to be simply perfect! I thoroughly introspected all my vices and virtues, dreams and desires that either need to be curbed or pursued depending upon their merit or demerit. I finally long-listed (shortlisted would be misnomer) a dozen of do's and don'ts….a new fitness regime, creative hobby, healthy diet, temper control, cooking, driving, higher studies, a better placement. All seeking my immediate attention and vying for the top slot on the agenda.

The entire procedure of prioritising and selecting a befitting resolution was so stressful that it triggered a migraine attack. That reminded me, avoiding stress was another potential demon that needed to be defeated. And that's when reality dawned. What's the fun of weighing down myself with the burden of my own expectations and other's too, setting a time limit for my personal, professional and spiritual growth, taking a big leap and risking a mighty fall and losing my self-confidence in the process. What I needed was not a New Year but a new day or rather an everyday resolution. This revelation ended my infatuation with the hype of the New Year resolution.

Now when I wake up in the mornings, I resolve to live the day to the fullest, put my best foot forward, take the challenges head on and be content with what life offers. And I go to bed with a resolution to welcome a new dawn with the same enthusiasm and optimism. It's my personal style statement, "A New Day Resolution". Happy New Year folks!