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All for a pause

chandigarh Updated: Feb 09, 2013 12:14 IST
Swati Rai

WH Davies wrote 'What is this life so full of care, there is no time to stand and stare'. This is true to the highly 'connected' and hurried lives that we live at present. We have cutting-edge technology at our fingertips and on our minds. Every nano second there is an updated and even faster gadget upping the competitive quotient in the market. The enticing advertisements of the same ensnare us to dig deep into our pockets to get connected on to what they call the smart life.

The constant craving to be in touch is making us lose touch with our own self. The warmth of a tête-à-tête over a cup of coffee at home with a friend or the shared understanding between two kindred souls can never be replaced by virtual emoticons. In this constant competition to keep up with the Jones' in acquiring gadgets and gizmos, we are finding it difficult to keep up with ourselves.

Look around you, we are all in a hurry to download and upload and are forgetting the quiet charm of sitting by a lake enjoying solitude. An increasing dependence on gadgets also hamper our social skills as all the socialising can now be done virtually. The constant need to be in touch with the times is also further distancing the youth from older generation. I am certain this is also contributing in making us more insensitive, as we are lost in our devices, happy in mere social media activism.

Numerous scientific studies have shown that the so-called smart gadgets are making us real-life communication challenged and more foolish as information and not knowledge is on our fingertips. In the constant visual and virtual media headlines, there is no time to reflect and analyse; but enough time to pass a judgment in a rush.

Let's take a deep breath and pause to reflect upon life's many small but significant pleasures that we are so quick in capturing in a camera; but late in savouring its aftertaste leisurely. It is time to have a hearty laugh with friends and family, to nurture a bond with nature, to marvel at the sprouting of a plant, to appreciate the unfurling of a petal and a time to relish the many gifts that we fail to acknowledge rains of the season. It is time to tune 'in'side and tune out before the smart gadgets outsmart us all.