Amritsar-based group presents Punjabi play

Amritsar-based theatre ensemble Rangkarmi in collaboration with the Punjab Sangeet Natak Akademi presented a Punjabi play ‘Adh Vichaley’ at the Randhwa auditorium on Sunday. Based on short stories ‘Kanjak’ by Ajit Kaur and ‘Aadh Kuwari’ by Rashpinder Risham, the play attempted to denounce the ages old rituals, orthodox beliefs , child marriage and depraving ethical values in the society under the direction of Manchpreet.

The play opened up with dramatisation of ‘Kanjak’, which portrayed the aftermath of a child marriage of the protagonist, who returns from her husband’s house on next day of their marriage. Unfortunately, the husband dies, but she remains truly faithful by observing all rituals, especially her moral character.

At the age of 60, she happened to witness an awful scene involving her niece and would be husband.
Perturbed and disgusted at the so called advancement in society, she changed her attitude forever. Mandeep Ghai brought alive the emotional expressions.

The play melted into the second story ‘Adh Kuwari’ with Dolly Saddal in the lead role. The presentation depicted the psyche of a sensitive girl, who was subjected to forced sexual exploitation, by a police officer and this stigma consequently disturbed her mind set up resulting in erratic behavior and later in broken marriage. She resorted to spiritual studies and practice, always reveling in the glory of her deity.

Gradually, people started worshipping her. The popularity and wealth went to her head and she in a revenge started sexually exploiting men to satisfy her ego. The shrine management then dumped her in chains on the first floor, but installed her statue in the shrine premises. Punjabi play ‘The Last chapter’ will be staged on Monday.




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