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Being aware and wishing well for nation

chandigarh Updated: May 16, 2014 10:53 IST
Col Avnish Sharma (retd)

Today, as we sit for lunch, the fate of the political parties would have been decided. It would be a monologue -- my wife dominating the discussion on the pros and cons of the result and also patting herself on the accuracy of her prediction.

Just a couple of days ago, we had asked our maid on her prediction and she seemed disinterested.

Her husband, an errand boy with a local garment retail chain, when asked, had a prompt reply, "Abki baar........" "Chander Mohan, why are you so upbeat? How will you benefit? No answer.

I put myself in the shoes of similarly poised common persons. My pension would get credited every month; except bad health, no one can disrupt my routine round of golf and an occasional walk in the evening.

I made the mistake of voicing this fact just momentarily and there was an immediate reaction from Shruti, my daughter-in-law. Otherwise quiet and affirmative to most of my idiosyncrasies, she said, "Colonel saab, as a responsible citizen, how can you disregard the repercussions of governance, whether good or bad?

Do you know the nation is passing through trying times? Issues of corruption, fledgling economy, tardy development, price rise and unemployment need urgent solutions. We are at the cusp of glory and slump. You call yourself a writer; do you know that our country is grappling with dark clouds of inflation which, if not controlled, would ruin us?"

Impressed with the concern of the youth for good governance and national problems, I nodded hesitantly and asked, "But how will the government go about such challenging tasks? Every time, it is the old wine in a new bottle."

She was quick to add, "It is all about vision and the resultant policies that are framed. Let me elaborate with examples. Mid-90s saw resurgence in economy because of the vibrant economic policy framed by the government.

Similarly, we saw development of highways after the then PM envisioned the Golden Quadrilateral in 2001. The government can't belie a billion voters. The environment is getting transparent by the day. We are extremely positive for the future of the country."

Her smile resurfaced and she was back in the DIL mode. The young girl, I wondered, was wishing stern economic resurgence not withstanding that her NRI husband would end up getting lesser for the dollars he earned.

The nation has on its rolls millions of such selfless youth who wish well for the nation. In the words of Melanie Gustafson, "Whatever your past has been, you have a bright future."