BJP wants Congress-free Haryana, we want developed Haryana: Deepender

  • ANI, Jhajjar (Haryana)
  • Updated: Oct 09, 2014 16:05 IST

Congress Member of Parliament (MP) Deepender Singh Hooda said on Thursday that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is looking forward to a Congress-free Haryana, but his party is looking forward to create an unemployment, starvation and poverty-free Haryana.

“The BJP is saying Congress free Haryana, but we are saying unemployment, starvation, poverty free Haryana, now people need to decide what kind of Haryana they want,” said Hooda during a road show in Sidipura area of Haryana’s Jhajjar town.

Criticising the BJP for not being able to meet the promises they made to woo the voters during the Lok Sabha elections, Hooda said, “The BJP’s language doesn’t match Haryana’s tradition, they need to answer why they couldn’t meet the promises they made during the Lok Sabha elections, the inflation rose, price of farmers’ agricultural produce went down, ceasefire violation across the border is going on, the BJP needs to answer about all this to the nation.”

He also took on the central government for failing to stop the ceasefire violations from across the border, “The BJP used to say that after the formation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Government at the center, Pakistan and China will stop violation of ceasefire and the security will increase at the border, but the BSF has itself said that after 1971 war maximum number of firing has taken place this time in the past four months.”

He further added that the BJP needs to answer why the border is unsafe, “Both the Prime Minister as well as the BJP need to answer. Prime Minister Narendra Modi needs to understand that India’s border security is topmost priority, giving speech during election is secondary.”

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