'Busy' Patil cancels public hearing session, yet again

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
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  • Updated: Jan 07, 2013 23:57 IST

UT administrator Shivraj Patil has not held the public hearing session for the past two months. The administration cancelled the session scheduled to be held on Monday.

As per the practice, public hearing sessions are held on every first and third Monday of a month. The session was cancelled due to the busy schedule of the administrator. In past, several sessions were cancelled by the authorities concerned citing the same reason.

In 2012, more than six such sessions were cancelled. The last public session was held on November 19, in which only three residents had turned up.

In the past one year, out of over 26 scheduled public hearing sessions, the administrator was able to attend around 10 sessions.

Due to poor redressal of the complaints, there has been a dip in the number of residents appearing before the administrator in public hearing sessions.

The previous sessions held on November 5 and on October 1 saw 11 complainants, who appeared before the administrator.

Arun Lall, professor, Punjab Engineering College (PEC) University of Technology, have appeared before the administrator twice in 2012, but in vain.

Talking to HT, he said the scenario was very bad and the city residents have lost faith in the public hearing as little was done to address the grievances. He added that the cancellation of sessions would further dent the credibility of the public hearing sessions.

Public hearing sessions
Date                            No of complainants
November 5                           11
October 1                              11
September 3                           16
August 6                                 16
July 2                                      13
March 19                                20

Date                           No of complainants
November 22                         4
October 20                           21
September 15                       38
July 4                                    11
May 16                                24
March 7                               20
January 17                           26


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