Call details show he spoke to Kahlon eight times in year, police claim figure 80

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  • Updated: Apr 02, 2013 11:56 IST

Eight, not 80, calls between Vijender , NRI smuggler
Punjab Police claimed that Vijender Singh and NRI drug smuggler Anoop Singh Kahlon spoke at least 80 times over mobile. As per call details with HT, the two exchanged calls only twice in 2013 and eight times in all over the past year.

Punjab Police got call details of Vijender’s mobile number 94661226XX from March 12, 2012, to March 12, 2013. There were details of 10,881 calls and messages. Out of this, eight calls were exchanged between Vijender and Kahlon (9646991370).
Call details
February 26, 2013, Time: 9pm (outgoing); Duration: One second (Vijender was in Delhi)
February 22, 2013, Time: 8.17pm (outgoing); Duration: 216 seconds (boxer in Karnal while going from Patiala to Delhi)
September 28, 2012: Time: 11.30am (incoming); Duration: 83 seconds (boxer in Bhiwani)
August 24, 2012: Time: 5pm (outgoing); Duration: 65 seconds (boxer in Chandigarh)
August 22, 2012: Time: 3.50pm (outgoing); Duration: Six seconds (boxer in Zirakpur)
August 22, 2012: Time: 3.40pm (outgoing); Duration: 40 seconds (boxer in Panchkula)
August 22, 2012: Time: 3.15pm (outgoing); Duration 46 seconds (boxer in Panchkula)
August 22, 2012: Time 1.23pm (outgoing); 60 seconds (boxer in Kurukshetra)


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