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Calm or stormy, no friend like weather

chandigarh Updated: Sep 13, 2014 10:18 IST
Promil Dada
Promil Dada
Hindustan Times

Perhaps, nothing is more talked about, discussed, enjoyed, suffered, and tolerated across the world than weather. Be it January, June, August or December, there will always be people complaining and whining about it. It is a wonderful "break-the-ice" topic, an excellent conversation starter over a social gathering, and a comfortable topic to change to when caught in an awkward situation.

When I am surrounded (or cornered) by people in a social evening and do not know anything about them to make a meaningful conversation, the mentioning of weather works like magic. To say "it is so hot", or "it is so cold", or "it hardly rains nowadays", or something on the similar lines gets everyone talking. Each will have something to say and then the chat veer into interesting anecdotes and horrendous experiences, because you unlocked the password to good times.

It sure is a great topic for small talk; but when it enters the grey matter surreptitiously and makes a home in it, it clouds the brain. If we get into the habit of complaining about it, we become perennial whiners. It will get so deep into our psyche that we won't even be aware when grumbling. That's the danger, for weather will always be what it is. So, since being peevish is not going to turn it away, let us make it our friend. To look at the positive side, when we are stressed or keyed up about something, it helps us vent our anger. Go moan about the "darn weather", it is not going to answer back. It also serves as an excuse. If you do not feel like doing anything, blame it on the heat, the humidity, the cold, or the rain.

What happens in the glorious spring and sepia autumn when it is beautifully comfortable outside? Aren't there parties and weddings taking place? Putting on weight eating at those buffets? Blame that as well on the weather. "I don't feel like exercising because it is too messy to go out," could be a good plea. Early in my life, I realised the many personalities of weather. Omniscient, all pervading, limitless, interesting, beautiful, furious, joyful, and overwhelming, there are so many moods to count. Discerning its nature, I decided to accept it as a happy companion.

I never complain about weather. Instead, come hell or high water, I enjoy it in all its intensity, acuteness, nurturing abilities, and magnanimous qualities. I take pleasure in the disconcerting heat when soaked in perspiration, since in it I feel the goodness of steam bath. I get thrilled by the shivering cold of December and January, when I can dress warmly and walk in the near-opaque fog, absorbing the quiet, eerie spirit of the other world.

I admire the freshly washed green plants dancing happily after the showers. I adore the joyous spring when the entire universe seems to be celebrating with the singing birds and crickets composing their music. In many parts of the world, autumn is golden in the changing colour of leaves and the blazing hues of the rising sun splattered on plants. In India, it is the season of festivals, for humanity to come together and rejoice.

If you are still complaining, you are wasting your energy and the beautiful opportunity to go with the flow, love, make merry, and know that weather will always be there, with you, for you, beside you, like a faithful friend. In the words of John Ruskin, English poet of the Victorian era, sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.