Capt Amarinder questions Badal's silence on 'Panthic agenda'

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
  • Updated: Jul 07, 2015 20:57 IST

Congress deputy leader in the Lok Sabha Captain Amarinder Singh on Tuesday questioned chief minister Parkash Singh Badal's silence over the allegation that he was resorting to 'Panthic agenda'.

"It doesn't behove well for someone like you to use someone else for explaining your position," Amarinder told Badal, while referring to the statements being issued by the Shiromani Akali Dal in his (Badal's) defence on the issue.

The SAD had on Monday condemned the Congress MP's charges that Badal was pursuing 'Panthic agenda' in Punjab, saying such 'false, baseless and irresponsible statements reflect the utter frustration of the leader'.

Reiterating his charges against Badal, Amarinder, in a statement, said that the Punjab chief minister was deeply mistaken if he thought he could divert the public attention from the real issues they are faced with.

"You can befool some people sometimes but not all people all the times", he cautioned Badal against 'resorting to panthic agenda for his own political survival'.

"You have already started moving that way and knowing you so well, I am sure, the day will not be far when you will cry about Panth being in danger," he told Badal, adding that nobody was going to buy this deceit as people of Punjab knew it very well that he was trying to divert their attention from the real issues of drugs, unemployment, lawlessness and a sliding economy.

Amarinder said he could notice the same old characteristic style and pattern in Badal 'starting the fire by raising emotions and tempers of common masses and then hiding himself in some government guest house on the pretext of being jailed, while leaving people to suffer and die in protests.'

"But let me tell you, Punjab has moved far past that era when you could misguide the Punjabis by wailing about Panth being in danger and they would be misled," he told Badal, issuing a warning, "now they know you and your shenanigans too well".

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