Chandigarh: Students to get money in bank accounts for school uniforms

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
  • Updated: Mar 11, 2015 19:47 IST

Students in the city government schools will no longer be at the receiving end of the delay in the distribution of uniforms as they will get the money directly in their bank accounts from the UT education department.

The department has asked bank officials to send their representatives to the schools to get the paper work completed including residence proofs and photographs of the students.

"We are going to implement the new arrangement latest by April 10. Neither the students will have to wait for the schools authorities for their uniforms nor would the staff have to wait for the contractors to send the dresses to the schools. Parents would now be able to buy the uniforms directly as money would be transferred directly into the accounts of the students," said Kamlesh Kumar, DPI (S).

"Parents would be able to buy the dresses from the shops near the school area making things much easier than before," he added.

"The new arrangement would bring more transparency to the proceedings as bank and department would now have a record of the transactions and students would get receipts for the money. 50% students already have their accounts and if the bank account of any particular student could not be open, the respective principal or school head would be given the money in front of a CCTV camera and students would be provided the uniform by the school. If that isn't possible we would provide a cheque to the parents," added the officer.

Last year, schools witnessed great confusion due to delay in the distribution of uniforms to students.

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