Clean sweep needs to start from the top

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
  • Updated: Nov 11, 2014 18:43 IST

In a classic instance of the powerful sweeping the unpleasant out of their view, but not doing enough to ensure the root cause its eradicated, the workplace of the city’s top bureaucrats and officials — the UT secretariat and the additional UT secretariat buildings in Sector 9 —are clean inside, but get progressively filthy and dirty as you move towards the boundary walls.

As one would expect, these buildings are relatively better maintained than other locations across the city.

Plastic waste here too

As you come out of the main secretariat building that houses the office of the UT adviser and the home secretary, plastic glasses and garbage are found strewn. As you approach the additional secretariat building, 50 metre from the main building, garbage is again found scattered in the lawns. Plastic cups, plates, milk and packets of chips are among the waste, prompting a random thought that whether carrying of these articles indeed inside the complex can be banned. Right alongside the additional secretariat building are vendors offering tea and samosas. The vendor throws packets of milk and other stuff right next to his kiosk.

The irony is palpable as inside the walls is the office of the UT Education department. The role of the sanitation workers comes under scrutiny as well. As you move on, you observe malba scattered next to the entrance.

Toilets need attention

A woman employee at the additional secretariat said sometimes entering the office could be nauseating. The toilets need to be cleaned regularly and in a professional manner. Senior officers also need to visit the outer areas to know the real picture as they can hardly be expected to be aware of the facts on the ground by coming and leaving in their cars, as is usually the custom.

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