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Conversing with trees gives life’s lessons

chandigarh Updated: Jun 30, 2014 09:44 IST
Parambir Kaur
Parambir Kaur
Hindustan Times

Recently, I rang up my friend Jasbir to know if she was home, as I wanted to visit her. Upon asking whether my sojourn will cause any inconvenience to her, she replied, “I have rather been waiting for you for so many days, do come over at the earliest.”

This prompted me to leave for her place without much delay. It was a clear, bright and hot day. Umbrellas and other means of protection from heat were being used liberally.

Having gone only some distance, I noticed a gulmohar tree laden with lovely red flowers, standing by the roadside, signalling me to stop. As I neared it, the tree said, “Why in so much hurry? Come, let’s talk for a while, it’ll be so nice. It’s not every day that you come by such an opportunity.” This gulmohar was an old acquaintance as I had passed this way many a time before. I could not help but praise its radiant beauty, “How come you are all aglow and that too standing out here? People are grumbling about the scorching heat.”

“Face hardships cheerfully, my dear, if you want to come out a winner. Challenges make you sturdier,” was gulmohar’s riposte. Obviously this stance was the secret of its incandescent look. An amaltas with its ornate bunches of pretty yellow flowers, standing in its vicinity, smiled at the comment. The trees presented a magnificent fusion of red and yellow flowers in the middle and an abundance of both colours separately on each side on the ground beneath them. Such a striking sight for any onlooker!

For once I felt like going no further and enjoying the company of these well-wishers of all life on this planet; but then the thought of my waiting friend jolted me out of wishful thinking. I explained my predicament to gulmohar and promised to come, especially for conversing with them.

“Who has got the time for us these days?” lamented the amaltas tree, “But despite man’s apathetic attitude, we have only his welfare in mind.”

I, for one, did not want to hurt my benevolent friends’ feelings, hence repeated my assurance earnestly; and continued on the way to my friend’s house. These trees are solemn, knowledgeable and seasoned thinkers. One needs to spare some quality time to spend in their company to decipher the valuable tips from their observations.

Both trees smiled when I passed by them on my way back from Jasbir’s house. For me this smile was an indication of the faith they reposed in me; they believed what I had told them. And isn’t it an honour to be considered trustworthy. It won’t be long before I go and chat with them to my heart’s content; cannot afford to miss their mystical and inspirational discourse.