Countrywide power generation exceeded target by 6% in April

  • PTI, New Delhi
  • Updated: May 04, 2014 21:41 IST

Indian utilities generated 86,592 million units (MUs) of electricity in April, exceeding the target by almost 6%, as power capacity in the country increased.

Power generation climbed by 4,852 MUs, or 5.94%, over the planned level of 81,740 million units, according to data from the Central Electricity Authority (CEA), a government body tasked with facilitating overall development of the sector.

A year earlier, actual generation at 77,579 million units was a tad higher than the target of 76,914 million units.

"(This is) because of new capacity getting added," said Debashish Mishra, senior director at Deloitte India.

The northeastern region Assam, Meghalaya, Manipur, Tripura, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh and Mizoram performed the best by registering a jump of about 27% by producing 697 million units in April 2014 over the target of 549 million units.

In the northern states, including Punjab, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh and Rajasthan, power generation fell short of the goal by about 2.21%, at 21,170 million units.

Import of power from neighbouring Bhutan was 78 million units, a drop of 62% from the targeted level of 207 million units.

The generation target for 2014-15 is 1,023 billion units, according to the CEA. The country's installed power generation capacity was 2,43,028.95 megawatts (MW) at the end of March.
One MW can produce 1,000 units of electricity in one hour.

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