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Daughter in Command

chandigarh Updated: Feb 20, 2014 11:48 IST

"Ma, please keep your phone aside and talk to me."
"It's fine Ma! Don't be angry."
"Ma, you forgot to smile today."
"OK, I got it. But Ma, you could have said it with love."

All the above statements and many such imperatives are daily given by my daughter; who is consistently proving the adage, "The child is the father of man". My child, all of seven years, has been teaching me love, peace and calm. I adore the way she calls me Ma and not Mommie or Mom.

Our dining table is weary of hearing, "Ma, please keep your phone aside and talk to me." The precious lunch hours that we both share are interrupted by the chronic misapplication of time by me. My forced habit of checking e-mails or updates on Facebook causes a lot of discomfort to my child. She orders me with refined intonation to stop fragmenting my attention towards her.

Our car must be exasperated and curious to know why I lose my temper so soon while driving. My little buddy reminds me several times to maintain pacific patience even if a jerk commits some eccentric traffic rule violation. "It's OK Ma! Don't be angry." But like an adamant adult, I keep forgetting or stealthily sweeping this wisdom under the carpet. I admit it gives me a lot of pleasure to be nudged by my daughter.

My relation with my girl dates back to many incarnations, I guess. Long before she rendered me the euphoric honour of being a mother to a daughter, I had longed and prayed for her arrival. Now it seems as if both of us are growing together. My girl essays to pace up with the deep maternal instinct that I harbour for her with her subtle daughterly aptitude.

The mounting pressures of the circadian routine get clouded when the bright sunshine of my beautiful daughter's words announce, "Ma, you forgot to smile today." Her tiny fingers touch my forehead only to iron out the frown.

I am trapped into guilt when occasionally like a didactic parent, I snub her over something. Then I am furnished with a remark, "OK, I got it. But Ma you could have said it with love." Yes my angel, I can be soft and will try to be.

The articulation of my words fails when I think of my relation with her. It's truly overwhelming to be enriched with the bounty of her love. Gracious Almighty couldn't have blessed me in a better way.
My emotions for my beloved daughter are desperate enough to pour out in the extract of a poem penned down by me.

A special bond we share
Brimming with love, affection and care.
My darling daughter are you
Not less than a dream come true.