Deity Hidimba ‘refuses to accept’ goat sacrifice

  • Roop Upadhyay, Hindustan Times, Mandi
  • Updated: Oct 07, 2014 14:24 IST

Deity Hidimba of Seraj segment here on Monday refused to accept sacrifice of goats and stopped the ongoing debate among the members of the temple committee.

Temple committee secretary Ram Chander said due to ban by the state high court on sacrifice of animals in the temples, there was difference of opinion among the committee members. Some of them were in favour of sacrifice to maintain age old tradition, while others opposed it.

Chander said the matter was finally left with the deity to decide. The deity, through its Gur (the main priest, who prophets on behalf of the deity), announced the refusal of the deity to accept sacrifice and banned the same for the future.

Chnder said animal sacrifice was an age-old tradition here and last year on the occasion of “pratishtha samaroh” (opening ceremony of a new temple) 31 goats were sacrificed. As many as 27 goats were sacrificed for “shudhikaran” (purification) of the temple, prior to establishment of the idol of the deity.

Ram said the temple was more than two-and-a-half centuries old and was situated at 2,500 metre height above the sea level and was a centre of belief for thousands of devotees.

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