Delhi college girl fights back against eve-teaser with FB post

  • Prabhjit Singh, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
  • Updated: Aug 24, 2015 23:25 IST
Jasleen Kaur posted this picture of a man who was allegedly molesting her, in New Delhi. (Picture credit: Twitter)

Sunday night was not the first time when 20-yr-old Jasleen Kaur cried after obscene comments were hurled at her in the national capital. Weighed by repeated incidents of eve-teasing, she posted a picture of the accused on Facebook, which aided the Delhi police to nab him within hours of the incident.

The accused had the cheek to pose for the photo unaware of the troubled aftermath that awaited him.

Her photo has got more than 76,000 shares on Facebook.

“I wanted the identity of the guy to reach every nook and corner of this country, to his own circle, to shame him, and I believe I have been successful at that. I do not want the guy to ruin his youth by being behing bars for 4-5 years, but to realize his mistake, and regret what he did",Jasleen told HT over phone.

“Every now and then, we witness such incidents in full public view, and nobody takes the responsibility or initative to curb it,” she said.

Three months ago, she faced a similar situation when she reacted to a couple of eve teasers. Jasleen had cried a lot and this incident brought back memories which were hard to burry.

“Are the boys asked at home about their conduct in public in the way in which girls are quizzed by their parents about their day spent outside?” the aggrieved newsmaker asked.

Jasleen’s mother Gurpreet Kaur, a school teacher has her own worries about her daughter, “This hype on news channels today will die out soon. What will happen after that? What if someone gets vindictive and harms my daughter later on?”


Jasleen comes from a highly religious Sikh family and has a younger sister.

Her pain of the way the man treated her were only heightened after listening to her mother who claimed all of Jasleen's efforts were pointless.

Her father was also disturbed and asked her to reduce her outings which agitated her. This is when she went into her room, closed the door and posted the culprit's picture on social media.

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