Diesel costlier in Haryana, Punjab; Chandigarh to follow suit

  • HT Correspondents, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
  • Updated: Jul 16, 2015 18:54 IST

Diesel consumers across the states of Haryana, Punjab and Delhi are shelling out more for the fuel as the value added tax (VAT) was increased from Thursday.

Consumers in Chandigarh would need to pay more from Friday.

While Haryana, Punjab and Delhi effected the tax increase on Wednesday night, the Chandigarh administration is expected to follow suit by Friday.

The Centre’s decision to effect a Rs 2 decrease in diesel prices on Wednesday night notwithstanding, diesel consumers in the region will still have to pay more.

The nationwide Rs 2 cut in diesel prices will only act as temporary cushion to consumers across the northern region as the reduction was in the basic price which rises and falls as per the international crude market rates.

For instance, the Rs 4 expected per litre diesel price hike on account of tax increase in Chandigarh though will be offset to some extent by the Rs2 cut, but the consumers will still have to pay Rs 2 extra from Friday onwards.

In neighbouring Panchkula, the consumers will still have to pay 65 paise per litre more despite Wednesday’s Rs 2 cut, while Mohali consumers will get a benefit of only 72 paise on account of the Rs 2 decrease by the Centre as the diesel rate will increase by about Rs 1.28 paise per litre due to increase in tax by Punjab.

New diesel rate: Rs 47.60 per litre
Old diesel rate: Rs 49.84 per litre

New diesel rate: Rs 50 per litre
Old diesel rate: Rs 52 per litre

New : Rs 50.35 per litre
Old : Rs 50.38 per litre

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