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Doing something exclusive in life

chandigarh Updated: Jun 19, 2014 09:37 IST
Jagvir Goyal
Jagvir Goyal
Hindustan Times

We, a group of friends, were wondering over the biggest invention of the man. Was it electricity or medicines, Internet or computer, airplanes or textiles, mobiles or electronic gadgets? Every invention looked indispensable. Ultimately, voting was done. The mobile and the TV secured maximum but equal votes.

“Can anyone tell who invented the items shortlisted by us,” one of us questioned. There was a big silence. No one could tell the names of inventors except some uncertain murmur over the inventor of electricity.

All felt guilty. There was a quick Google search and some inventors were found. TV was invented by John Baird, mobile by Martin Cooper, electricity by Benjamin Franklin, computer by Charles Babbage. Internet, medicines and textiles had many inventors who found and bettered them.

Let’s salute to all of them! We spoke in unison. There were so many other essential things invented by the man. We knew none of their inventors, leave aside feeling grateful to them for making today’s life so safe and comfortable.

The man was indeed selfish, we discovered. He just enjoyed the inventions. By paying the cost of a LCD or a mobile, the man thought himself as its proud owner. He was never bothered to think of or thank the inventor.

“What did an inventor gain by making such a big invention? He might have consumed whole of his life in inventing a thing. He was not even remembered by the human beings today” was another thought. The real inventors might not have even enjoyed their inventions. They would have invented the base models. Others would have improved them. And by that time, the original inventors would have passed away!

We brooded over it and drew a conclusion. An invention was made by a person not with an aim to make people remember him after his death. The driving force behind was to do something exclusive in life and feel elated over it.

Everybody should try to do something exclusive in life, we decided. And this exclusivity should be aimed at contributing to the society and the world and having a feeling of elation within oneself and certainly not at winning people’s applause. The pleasure behind inventing a thing and see it being put to practice had no parallel. The satisfaction that one experienced on making an invention or doing something exclusive for society was unmatched.

Inventions were not the only things to add exclusivity to life, we found. Leading an honest life and having that feeling of never succumbing to the lure of ill money, writing a book for the benefit of masses, helping the underprivileged and see them rise in life too could add exclusivity to one’s life. Bringing a social change for the betterment of masses was another way.

In the absence of this desire to do something exclusive in life, all could have simply born, grown, lived, struggled, raised families and died and no inventions would have been made.