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Domestic crime class

chandigarh Updated: Jan 06, 2014 10:03 IST

A flustered neighbour told his friend that he had seen his son kissing a schoolgirl in a park in open daylight. Patting the whistleblower, the friend guffawed, saying: "That's great. He is a doting Cupid." Nonplussed, the news breaker whinged: "But she is a minor." The elated father retorted: "Then she is randy, and he, a potent suitor. These are youth-time pranks."

Years ago, a senior lecturer slapped a student for shaking hands with a girl in the college. Students went on strike. The boy's fuming father caused quite a rumpus in the college. The girl's father, too, denounced the wary chaperon, saying that his daughter was free to shake hands with anybody. The principal, too, reproved the hapless mentor and advised the lecturer to take a lenient view in future.
In both cases, parents legitimised the wrongdoings of their wards and stanched the well-wishers.

These are stray cases of unscrupulous parenthood. Overambitious and overindulgent parents crown their children as princes and princesses, whose treasure pockets render them unbridled and wild. During student-union elections, parents fund their ward's campaigns liberally to ensure victory at any cost.

Boys and girls remain out till late at night. They visit late night clubs, pubs, hookah bars, and gambling dens freely; attend carnivals, carousals, rave parties, shindigs; and retreat home boozy and besotted. Many bikers anxiously wait outside educational institutions for gullible girls. They play truant and loaf about the whole day. They run short of lectures but spit venom against their teachers. Credulous parents accuse the authorities of bias and gross injustice openly and file cases in the courts. Parents move heaven and earth to save their heartless rapist sons or those indicted for death-dealing road rage.

Many parents treat their homes as inns. They leave early and return very late at night. Like strangers, they fail to steal sweet time to share with their children who are left lonely and isolated. Parental callous apathy and alienation affects children adversely. Parents' mutual distrust, bellicosity and un-amendable un-amenability dent parental and filial love. Constant traumas of hellish homes leave children in recurrent fits of neurosis and psychosis. Many fall into the maelstroms of drugs, alcohol and illegal activities.

Parents, thus, hold crime classes at home. Their fallacies, misconceptions and immaturity turn homes into infernal pits. Their lopsided upbringing reserves future menaces, fiascos and nightmares for the innocent children. Buckle has remarked rightly: "Society prepares the crime, the criminal commits it."

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