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Double decade of diabetes

chandigarh Updated: Aug 22, 2013 09:34 IST

India is the diabetes capital of the world yet most Indians don't seem to know much about it. I've lived 20 years as a diabetic so it gets a bit irritating when I'm asked, "Is it contagious?" Yes, it is frustrating when there are questions like, "You must have eaten a lot of sweets while you were young, right?" There are ominous-sounding ones that make being diabetic sound like "certain death". Once in a while, there have been compliments like, "Oh! that's why you're so sweet, sugar."

I am not an expert on any other disease but can empathise how a diabetic feels. You live life full of struggle, do so much and yet its one of those moments which you have to relive everyday where you bake a cake and can't eat it (pun intended).

But to all diabetics out there, you know you rock it, you know you live it so just believe in yourself and keep faith. You are not alone, especially if you are a Type 2, there are millions more. The worst thing that a diabetic faces is the way people pity them but then again you get used to it and feel they don't know anything about you. Actually, diabetics feel worse when they are not given enough credit for what they have accomplished in spite of the disease. I mean the fluctuations with mood swings alone are pretty rough. Then there are conflicting researches that just never seem to end.

But there is a good side to all of this. Your family is with you, their love support and care makes the diabetic feel safe. Research and improvements in medications and options such as sugar-free ice-creams, chocolates, cakes, biscuits, diet colas all help get over the cravings and still keep you fit (only if you exercise that is). You live like a health-conscious freak and learn to value life.

There are many phases that I have gone through as a diabetic in the past two decades and I've realised that it's best to "embrace the way you are". Contrary to popular belief regarding diabetics, we live an awesome life and it's not a big deal…really cross my heart.