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Falling right into place

chandigarh Updated: Jan 02, 2014 11:22 IST
Nanki Singh

While you might expect most love stories to start with ‘it was love at first sight…’, Ramnish and Shesha Sablok’s story is that of a friendship that blossomed into romance and culminated into marriage just a few months ago. “We started off as really good friends,” says Ramnish.

Testifying to women’s intuition, he further states, “It was a very gradual thing. But, then we started spending all our time with each other, and Shesha, being a girl, realised there was something brewing between us; she went ahead and asked me out,” not something one hears of everyday.

Both Shesha and Ramnish were pursuing their MBA from Panjab University. While Ramnish passed out with majors in marketing, and is now the business development head in a private educational firm, Shesha majored in HR and is now working as the HR officer for a government bank.

They met through a common friend, Kriti, who was Ramnish’s neighbor at the time. “He was a year senior to me, but that didn’t make any difference,” recalls Shesha. Having known each other for four years, getting married was the obvious next step for the couple.

And no, this story didn’t have the requisite objection from parents. “Our families were always happy and supportive of our decision; it was fairly smooth sailing than most would expect,” says the couple.

Adjusting to married life was easier than most for both of them, as by now they knew the families inside out and the eight-month engagement period was good practice for tackling the nitty-gritty of things.

And while looks are something that can’t be discounted according to most people, that wasn’t the reason this young couple fell for each other. Shesha says, “It was the maturity and patience with which he tackled life that drew me towards him.” Ramnish adds, “It was her completely selfless nature and this innate understanding she had about everything that attracted me towards her.”

Elaborating further on Shesha’s accepting nature Ramnish says even though she was petrified of dogs, she gradually got used to his dog Snowy and grew to love him. "I never had to make an effort to get her to like Snowy; she got over her fear all on her own," he says.


Being a movie nut, Ramnish took her out to watch The Hangover for their first date. While Shesha is no great movie lover, she never said anything till a few weeks later: “I asked him, ‘was that the ONLY movie you could think of?’” she recalls.

So, what was it that motivated them to take their relationship to the next level? According to Ramnish, it was the fact that Shesha would always show love and kindness towards his friends and family, treating them as she would her own. “Everyone around me has always loved her and vice-versa, and that did it for me. She let me be me,” he says.

And for Shesha, it was his supportive but non-interfering nature: “He is there for me whenever I need him, but he fully lets me make my own decisions.”

“Everything works so well because we never lie to each other. Never hide anything from the one you love; they are more likely to understand the truth than a lie you hide,” says the couple.

Crack the chemistry

Biggest surprise you gave each other?
He arranged a beautiful candlelight dinner one evening and booked the entire restaurant for the two of us. I really don’t have anything that can top this.

Annoying habit about each other?
His being finicky about cleanliness and his gadgets.
Ramnish: Her laziness.

One thing you both agree on?
Food, thankfully.

One thing you share the love for?
Shesha & Ramnish:

Who has the upper hand in the relationship?
Definitely Ramnish

Who says sorry first?

Relationship advice?
Shesha & Ramnish:
Be truthful to each other. No matter what, never lie.