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Finding Abdullah diwana

chandigarh Updated: Sep 02, 2014 09:51 IST
Rajbir Deswal
Rajbir Deswal
Hindustan Times

If you have nothing else to do while attending a wedding, being not known to many around, then the best way to pass your time is to observe people, their styles and the way they conduct themselves.

Here we go, as in - Begaani shaadi main Abdullah diwana! There I see someone finding the ubiquitous patli gali and sneaking out, since he has to attend a couple of more weddings. He is going back, not with the permission of the host, but excusing himself, trying to avoid his glances. By this time the host too, being wary of receiving guests, turns a blind eye to people who leave.

And there's another one, walking like a swashbuckler with his hands in the pockets and huffing hard.

He walks like he only has the right to walk and the rest of the world is just supposed to crawl and stay bowed before him. He doesn't look around but keeps finding his way through the crowd. He doesn't even stop to greet anyone, nor reciprocate a greeting.

Compared to him, this girl walking on high heels appears to be using stilts. She is otherwise not used to wearing high heels, but a wedding is a wedding, and one has to be at the height of fashion.

Just behind her is a couple, with whose extended hands, hangs a child of about two years. They take turns to correct the creases and proper folds of their dress, crumpled by the child. The child in protest sits back, squatting, when the couple returns to him hurriedly, lest he should spoil his clothes rubbing them on the ground.

I see another guy who is picking his tooth. He seems to have done full justice to his dinner. His broad and gaping denture confirms that he has been fond of gourmet meals all his life. He will, I am sure, now pick up a paan too, to wash down the solids with syrupy and sweet smelling juice. Maybe he stops further ahead, to have a glassful of 'malai wala doodh', caring two hoots if the milk and paan did not go together. He brushes past the one, who is holding his own head, in his hands while slouching in a chair. He seems to be having either a bad stomach, or headache, for the expressions on his face betray his unwillingness to join the function.

Now I see someone holding the flaps of his coat, not because there is blowing a fast breeze, but that he has just now discovered that one of the buttons on his coat is missing. The woman by his side is hefty beyond the bums, and on either side has people trying to avoid being hit by her. Merrily, she is slurping from a kulfi.

My favouite is the one who is seen trying to manage the affairs, as an event manager, and looks like he will take revenge upon all around. Ah! well, I've found my Abdullah of the piece.