Fog continues to delay flights

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
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  • Updated: Dec 21, 2013 20:44 IST

Dense fog once again adversely affected flights and marginally affected trains on Saturday.

Out of total 19 flights, 12 flights were cancelled while another four were delayed. Only flight that landed on time was of Air India from Delhi to Chandigarh, which arrives at 11.25 am.

Out of the cancelled flights, most of them pertained to JetKonnect, which connect city with Delhi and Jaipur. Three flights of Jet Airways on the similar route also got cancelled due to poor visibility.

All four flights from Mumbai of different airlines landed late from half an hour to three hours. 

The rail connectivity was also marginally affected, as several trains were reportedly running behind schedule for 20 to 30 minutes.

Destination                              Airline                       Sched                  Actual                      Status
DEL Delhi                                SpiceJet                    8:35 AM                                       Cancelled
BOM Mumbai                           GoAir                    11:15 AM                                       Scheduled
DEL Delhi                               Air India                   11:25 AM        11:25 AM                Landed On-time
DEL Delhi                             JetKonnect                 11:40 AM                                       Cancelled
DEL Delhi                         Jet Airways (India)         11:40 AM                                       Cancelled
BOM Mumbai                          IndiGo                    12:20 PM          1:36 PM              Landed 106 min
BOM Mumbai                  Jet Airways (India)         12:45 PM                                      Landed 163 min
BOM Mumbai                  JetKonnect                    12:45 PM                                       Landed 163 min
BOM Mumbai                      IndiGo                        2:40 PM             2:47 PM              Landed 27 min
DEL Delhi                        JetKonnect                     5:15 PM                                         Cancelled
DEL Delhi                        Jet Airways (India)         5:15 PM                                         Cancelled
DEL Delhi                       JetKonnect                     5:15 PM                                         Cancelled
DEL Delhi                       JetKonnect                     5:40 PM                                        Cancelled
DEL Delhi                       JetKonnect                     5:40 PM                                        Cancelled
DEL Delhi                       Jet Airways (India)         5:40 PM                                        Cancelled
JAI Jaipur                       JetKonnect                     6:10 PM                                       Cancelled
JAI Jaipur                        Jet Airways (India)         6:10 PM                                       Cancelled
JAI Jaipur                        JetKonnect                    6:10 PM                                       Cancelled
BOM Mumbai                   GoAir                          7:00 PM                                       Scheduled


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