God's will in everything

To keep it simple, I'll refer to Him as God, forget how the rest of the 7.2 billion people I share the planet with address Him. Also, to keep it really short, I'll refer to Him as Him; we can discuss the feminist, the dual identity or the higher force aspect later. May the force be with you: In India especially, we leave everything to Bhagwan.

It is "Bhagwan ki marzi" (God's will) if we survive the day, the nukkad wala uncle beats up his wife, there's no water in the taps, and a young girl dies of cancer in her prime. If Odisha gets struck with a cyclone and the state escapes with minimal deaths, it's not thanks to disaster management; and even when a stampede in Madhya Pradesh and kills 113 pilgrims, it's His will.

Dear God,

On behalf of us lesser mortals, I apologise to You, sorry that we stopped taking onus for our faults and kept laying the blame on you. I know You are the Haloed One, and will just smile and take on everything but we need to stop being complacent and hold You responsible for deaths, accidents, silly happenings, and girls being born. It's our doing.

People at large have become lazy, ignorant, and corrupt. In our defence, I'd say it has carried on for long and now because of media spotlight is being highlighted and sensationalised. Life has turned into a media circus.

The senior, young, and ordinary people all are smug. Take Punjab; the state faces an epidemic of substance and drug abuse but all we say is: "Rabb di marzi." We attribute all the troubles to You and pray that You cover our backsides. God, I apologise and hope the next generation believes in You and the number of the people following You on Facebook and Twitter grows.

Yours truly,
A believer who swears by Your will


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