Haryana government to give 'hajjams' a makeover

  • Hitender Rao, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
  • Updated: Jul 31, 2014 07:38 IST

Hairstylists and nail art specialists from Haryana hinterland are gearing up to compete with the leading names in hairstyling. The skills of the hair and nail stylists are proposed to undergo a major transformation with the Bhupinder Singh Hooda government on Wednesday approving to establish a Kesh Kala and Kaushal Vikas Board (Hair Art and Skill Development Board).

State officials said that with the modernisation and technological advancement, the hairstyling profession had become highly capital intensive. The traditional Nai community has not been able to upgrade its skills and lacked in adoption of latest techniques and scientific machinery.

The council of ministers on Wednesday approved the board's constitution on the grounds of reviving and promoting the traditional art of hair grooming.

The justification provided in the cabinet proposal for setting up the Hair Art and Skill Development Board reads: "In recent times, the art of cutting and grooming hair/beard and nails has undergone tremendous change due to new scientific techniques being adopted in the grooming industry. Persons from other communities (besides Nai community) have also come into this profession because of lucrative returns. Thus, the traditional Nai community is getting alienated from their profession.

There is a need to set up a board to advise and suggest the state government for formulation of policies and schemes which will enable this community to promote the traditional art of hair grooming, salon by bringing new technologies into the profession," it read.

The board will set up skill development facilities and suggest measures for adoption of latest techniques and technology. It would also develop a sense of competition by instituting awards for the outstanding tress masters. It will consist of 10 members including the chairperson.

The chairperson would be appointed from amongst person of ability and repute belonging to the 'Sain Samaj'. The expenses of the board will be defrayed out of the grant-in-aid to be provided by the state government.

The traditional tress masters

Traditionally, the barbers come from the Nai community. The word Nai is derived from the expression — Napika — which means the one who cleans the nails. In traditional sense, the Nai community was involved in the cutting and grooming of hair, beard, cleaning of hair, nails etc. The community is also known as Sen or Sain Samaj, Napit, hajjam and Nai Thakur in Haryana. They are categorised in Backward Classes (A) category of Haryana as well as Other Backward Classes (OBCs) in central list of Haryana.

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