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Heart of the matter

chandigarh Updated: Jul 27, 2012 10:17 IST
Neela Sood

I remember attending a seminar at which the main speaker, an expert on behavioural sciences, said, "Dear faculty members, I know that you all, being academicians, are not very familiar with diplomatic skills, but as you progress in your career and occupy administrative posts, you will need to develop these skills as well."

This statement stirred my thought process. Do we really need to be diplomatic when we are heading an institution? Chanakya says that you should be diplomatic, but only with your enemies with your friends and acquaintances, you should remain pure-hearted. What's in your heart should be on your lips. When you are pure-hearted with your friends, colleagues and other people, you not only win their trust but they also look to you without fear and consider you as their own. This is beautifully demonstrated by this fable.

A hermit daily sat in meditation in the wee hours on the seashore. Birds would fly fearlessly around him and sometimes land on his shoulders. A child, who had become fond of these birds, would see this enchanting scene every day and wonder why the birds approached the hermit, not him.

One day, when the hermit was walking towards the seashore, the child asked him, "These birds are afraid of me, but least afraid of you. I want you to catch one of these for me."

Laughing at the child's demand, the hermit said, "They fly away from you because your intentions are not pure. You want to curb their freedom by catching them. They approach me without any fear because they find me harmless. The day I'd try to catch them, they'd start keeping their distance from me as they do in your case."

The point is: if birds can discriminate between people with good and bad intentions, man, who is endowed with much superior intellect, is better equipped to do so. What we have in our mind transmits around us in the form of energy waves. Therefore, it is very important to create positive vibes by being pure-hearted.

A philosopher has said, "Just say what you mean and mean what you say. Don't play games with heads or hearts. Don't say half-truths and expect trust. When the full truth comes out, half-truths are no better than lies."