High-security plates: RLA tweaks system for better, but rush and rain irk some

  • HT Correspondent, Hindustan Times, Chandigarh
  • Updated: Jun 24, 2015 10:49 IST

A day after chaos prevailed at the Registering and Licensing Authority (RLA) offices over affixation of high-security registration plates (HSRPs) on older vehicles, there was some respite after the process was tweaked and relatively streamlined.

The vendor - Real Mazon India Limited - collected the applications in bunches early on, giving a tentative time for collecting the receipts, and kept processing the payments at the back-end, not making people wait in more than one queue. The queue for getting the older registration certificates (RCs) uploaded into the system was, however, long as people from older vehicle series have showed up only after the police started issuing challans of `3,000 for not having HSRPs.

But plans to put up a shed over where people queue up, particularly in the east division sub-office, were sent to the chief architect for approval and the RLA also approached the chief engineer. “We need technical nod to erect a shed, but we are looking to put up a temporary tent till then,” said RLA Kashish Mittal. “We also asked the vendor’s city chief, Kundan Singh, to streamline the system and depute more staff if required,”he added.

“The pleasant weather made it relatively easier to stand in the queue than how it was reportedly on Monday, but the showers are a bit of a trouble still,” said Prateek Malhotra, who had come from Manimajra. In the Sector-17 main office, the rush was relatively less, while in the Sector 42 sub-office the same tweaked system was followed.
It was on Friday that the latest ‘old’ series - CH04F - also came under the police scanner after the RLA’s deadline for them to get HSRPs affixed had ended on June 1.

The registration series issued before March 2013 - up to CH01AR - are referred to as the old registered vehicles, and those after that are ‘new’. The new ones are already getting HSRPs after registration, but of the older series, the coverwebage goes backward. Going that way, after the 01-AA series, it was the turn of 04-L and back. That deadline reached 04-F this month. The ‘old’ series from 04-F to 04-L, all have significant pendency, and so do other such series, CH01-AA to AR.
For old series HSRPs, areas are divided among the three RLA offices, and an application in a set format has to be submitted. Original RC and insurance certificate have to be shown; after which the data is uploaded on the system by RLA staff.

Then the vendor’s counter accepts the fee — `79 for two-wheelers and `183 for four-wheelers — and issues a receipt that has the date on which you will get the plates. You go on the assigned date and get plates affixed; till then the slip saves you from challan.

As for the ‘new’ series registered after March 2013 - CH01AS and after - the HSRPs are affixed along with the RC issuance, hence the pendency is not that high.

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