Hoodwinked by violators, DTO office puts challan data online

  • Jyotsna Jalali, Hindustan Times, SAS Nagar
  • Updated: Jan 08, 2015 11:35 IST

Swindled by traffic violators pulling a fast one by erasing their offences in the carbon copies of challans so as to pay lesser fine, the district transport office (DTO) has shifted the challan data online.

Now, the fine is being accepted by the DTO only after verifying the details of the carbon print of the challan with that of the data uploaded online by the police.

The SAS Nagar Police had recently started a special drive to rein in traffic violations, and issued close to 7,000 challans over the past week.
As a result, the violators have been queuing up here at the DTO office in Phase 1. Eventually, those at the DTO realised they had been hoodwinked by 20 violators, who erased their offences in the challan print, to get away by paying lesser fine.

They said this was the result of hordes of violators reaching the DTO office, leading to chaos. While on an ordinary day 70-100 people came to pay fine earlier, close to 700 people were now reaching the office daily since the police started the drive.

Giving an example, district transport officer (DTO) Karan Singh said, “A car driver was booked for several offences, including not wearing a seat belt, not having licence and also not having pollution certificate. Before paying the fine, the driver smartly erased two of the offences on the carbon copy and tried to get away by paying for just one offence.”

“However, the staff got suspicious and on checking found many others had adopted the trick to swindle the DTO office. Now, we have made the challan data available online, so that the carbon copy of those coming to pay up can be verified,” Karan added.

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