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HT debate: Corruption, political interference to blame for poor policing

The slogan of the Chandigarh police, ‘We Care For You’, seems to be a cruel joke.

chandigarh Updated: Apr 20, 2015 11:51 IST

‘We Care For You’ slogan has become one big joke

The slogan of the Chandigarh police, ‘We Care For You’, seems to be a cruel joke. The police are much more efficient when it comes to the rich and appears to be totally insensitive and indifferent when it is a case concerning poor people. And, the police have failed to learn from its previous mistakes despite similar crimes recurring day after day. The solution lies in the hands of senior officers. If they set a personal example in professionalism and ethical behavior the juniors will follow suit. Also, an ombudsman appointed from among city residents who can monitor cops on the ground and give feedback to the police chief would be a good idea.

COL RD SINGH (RETD), Ambala Cantt

Corruption, political interference to blame for poor policing

In spite of all the police slogans incidents of heinous crimes in and around the tricity rising steadily. It is evident there are some systemic flaws like corruption, political interference, laxity in supervision and outdated training methods that have resulted in the police’s failure to keep pace with ever-new techniques adopted by hardened criminals. Also, the police, like many other government departments, is grossly understaffed and focuses on the needs of the privileged classes. So the slogan ‘We Care for You’ seems quite meaningless. The apathy and laxity shown in dealing with crimes committed against ordinary people indicate the cops care only for the elite.
ASHOK KUMAR, via email

Police force needs a total revamp

There is no denying the Chandigarh police have earned more brickbats than bouquets for more reasons than one. The cops have often been found napping when a serious crime is committed, be it a kidnapping, murder or daylight bank robbery. The rising crime graph calls for a complete restructuring of the police force as it has not learnt lessons from past mistakes.

Police should follow basic investigative procedures
The police force has totally failed in their duty to protect city residents to which they have sworn. Recent incidents of kidnapping of children from slum areas and the police’s incapacity to solve the cases expeditiously highlight the gross inefficiency prevailing in the force. The cops should effectively employ basic investigative procedures including using proper search lights, calling search operations in time, checking any crucial forensic evidence and sealing crime scenes. For ensuring the safety and security of citizens, the police department needs a complete overhaul. Also, the police commissioner must keep a strict vigil on cops.

Police will remain slack unless media pressure mounts
Until and unless media as well as political pressure mounts, the police will remain laidback in their investigations in most of the cases, especially those concerning the poor, not only in the tricity but also elsewhere in the country. Perhaps it’s time the slogan ‘We Care For You’ is replaced with ‘The Pen is Mightier Than the Sword’.
YASMIN D KHOSLA, via email

Cops seem more concerned about ‘VIPs’ and bureaucrats
The latest case of a heinous crime in which a three-year-old girl was raped and then murdered is a black spot on city policing. This is not an isolated case. Every now and then police officials are awarded even though they don’t do justice to their slogan ‘We Care For You’. Daily snatchings, auto thefts, robberies, murders and burglaries have now become routine and most cases remain unsolved due to the police’s poor training and shoddy investigations. Senior police officers enjoy all in-service benefits at the cost of public safety even after retirement. The image of the police in the tricity at present is that they behave like personal servants of “VIPs” and bureaucrats.

Police need to show greater commitment, sensitivity
That crime, particularly against defenceless children, is on the rise is evident from the number of such cases being reported in the media. There is a general laxity in dealing with such cases, especially those in which people from the lower strata of society are involved. May be those conducting investigations are too busy dealing with high profile cases or are assigned to follow up only specific cases, leaving aside others concerning the common man. There is a need for greater commitment, sensitivity and professionalism on the part of police. Unless criminal cases are promptly filed and timebound investigations are conducted, things are not likely to improve.

Parents also responsible for their children’s safety
The apathetic attitude of cops in child molestation cases is not a new phenomenon. As far as cases of rape and missing persons are concerned, I feel parents are also accountable. How can they just send their child to a nearby park without being supervised? Hence, parents need to be extra careful.
PARUL BAKSHI, Chandigarh

Cops unable to check child molesters, rapists
Despite rising cases of children reported missing and later murdered in and around Chandigarh, the police appear unable to keep a vigil on child molesters and rapists. What sort of “we care for you” is this? Instead, the police slogan should be “we don’t care for you.” Many cases of kids sexually assaulted and then killed over the past many years have yet to be solved by the police.

Need for police personnel to be to properly trained
The steady rise in heinous crimes in the city’s slum areas has once again exposed the apathetic attitude of the police towards the public. Cops in the tricity, for that matter all over the country, are notorious for their callous behavior, especially in cases concerning poor people. Investigations in such cases are usually marked by carelessness and slow speed. Hence, the slogan of the police, ‘We Care For You’ remains an empty claim. Also, there is acute need for police personnel to be to properly trained in crime detection.

Accountability needed in law enforcement
Why blame the police alone – the country’s entire system of governance is marked by inefficiency and apathy. The police’s attitude seems to be – kowtow to your bosses and take care of those who really matter, and to hell with the rest till public outcry or political pressure builds up. It’s not just a question of cops learning from past failures. If structures of accountability are put in place the police can be expected to perform better.

Admn must take radical steps to improve police functioning
The Chandigarh police’s slogan ‘We Care For You’ does not measure up to its functioning. The recent rape and murder of a three-year-old girl is another example of police inefficiency. The cops just made routine inquiries instead of conducting house searches, which cost the girl her life. Had they made serious efforts she could have been saved. The Chandigarh police have to change their traditional mindset and transform themselves according to the changing conditions and meet the expectations of city residents. The administration should also take radical steps to improve its functioning.
DP GAUTAM, via email

Police force’s way of functioning is very casual
The latest case of a three-year-old girl child who was brutally raped before being strangled to death amply highlights the police’s lack of sensitivity and their failure to real time investigations. The police seemed to have a very casual approach towards this case, which is clearly evident as they abandoned their search midway due to lack of equipment. There needs to be closer coordination between the police, forensic department and public prosecutors. If they had a pro-active approach this heinous crime could not have been prevented.

Public trust in police shattered
The police slogan ‘We Care For You’ has become largely meaningless for the public. Rather it could be paraphrased as ‘We Care For Self Only’. The public’s faith in law enforcement agencies has been declining steadily and the day is not far off when no one will confide in a person in uniform and try to solve their problem themselves.

Police should be more attentive to city residents
The police should have listened to the family members of the three-year-old girl child who was brutally raped before being strangled to death. The incident could have been averted if the cops had taken preventive measures. Also, the area in which the crime occurred should have been sealed. The police need to be more careful so that such incidents do not take place again. They should be more attentive to residents and do their best to make Chandigarh a crime free city.

Police top brass must conduct an honest introspection
There is no denying the fact that crimes against children are on the increase and the lives of many could have been saved had the police shown a sense of urgency in apprehending the perpetrators. It only reflects the insensitive, indifferent and callous attitude face of the city’s police force. The police needs to be given adequate training in crime detection. Another sad aspect of crime investigations is the indifferent attitude of residents who do not come forward with information and help the cops in their investigations. The police top brass needs to carry out an honest introspection and take remedial steps before it is too late.

Improve investigative procedures
Efficient policing is the need of the hour. The city’s police force is grossly short staffed and law enforcement operations suffer if many cops are busy with “VIP” duty. The police top brass must do some introspection and walk the extra mile in improving criminal investigation procedures, ensuring an alert force fit to solve crimes.

Police should try to salvage image
The latest case of a three-year-old girl child who was raped before being murdered is just another case of the police waking up too late after the incident, and then trying to cover up its lapse with a concocted story of its “success in cracking the case”. However, the police version does not carry any conviction. The police should not underestimate the intelligence of city residents and instead try to salvage its image that has been further dented in this case.
SC LUTHRA, Manimajra