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'I don’t like myself…'

chandigarh Updated: Feb 04, 2014 14:20 IST

“I have done so many things that have been completely unrelated to Roadies, and yet, all that people think when they see me is, ‘gaaliyan nikalne wala ganja’,” says the infamous Raghu Ram, creator of reality shows Roadies and Splitsvilla on MTV.

While creating an image on screen is second nature, being expected to keep that image intact is another matter altogether, says he. “I can’t afford to let myself slip even behind the scenes; you never know who’s watching,” says Raghu, further adding, “You probably haven’t noticed how I’ve mellowed down on screen over the years.”

In Chandigarh on Sunday to launch his memoir titled Rearview: My Roadies Journey, Raghu says writing the book has made him a lot more comfortable about revealing how he has changed as a person. "To be honest, I don’t like myself; I’m still trying to look for something in myself that I can be proud of. I suppose I’ll just create something I like," he muses.


The book contains a lot about his old bosses at MTV (most things not pleasant). Certain chapters, he believes, will make people dislike him even more. “In hindsight, there are certain things I could have skipped, but I needed to tell my story.”

One of the earlier celebrities to align himself with the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), Raghu says they are very insistent on politeness and speaking softly, and so he has had to learn how to tone himself down. Who would’ve thought we would be crediting Kejriwal for that!

While the party is currently being accused of being anarchist and undemocratic in nature, Raghu defends them by saying that we are no one to judge how a democracy works, as we elect politicians to do so for us. “We elected AAP to power because we wanted to create a dhamaka; they are only doing what the people want them to,” he states.

Out with the old (politicians) and in with the new, is his motto —something he believes is desperately needed in the TV industry as well. “I am so sick of Roadies and reality TV in general. People are doing entirely irrelevant things that hold no meaning whatsoever and it’s being hailed as talent,” he despairs.

Currently taking a break for six months to figure out his next move, Raghu assures us that returning to TV is not on his agenda. “It’s where creativity goes to die,” he quips.