‘I have a vision to develop Kurukshetra as centre of spiritual, religious tourism’

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  • Updated: Feb 12, 2014 23:56 IST

What was the high point of your five-year term?
Naveen Jindal: During my maiden term as MP, I had introduced a private member resolution — the comprehensive food and nutrition security scheme, aiming at total eradication of hunger from the country — in the Lok Sabha in December 2006. It finally took shape as the National Food Security Act. The matter was pursued by the Congress president and supported by the House to help the poorest of the poor.

And the low point?
The Centre failed to put up a solid defence when the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) made disclosures pertaining to coal-block allotment (in which I am one of the accused). The allotment was as per the law of the land, but the issue was blown out of proportion. Unfortunately, the union government has failed to counter the malicious attack.

What’s that you had wished to do as MP but couldn’t?
There is nothing as such, but I have a vision to develop Kurukshetra as a centre of spiritual and religious tourism. Every year, lakhs of people from all corners of the country and abroad visit the district and there is an immense scope to tap the potential.

Would you like to contest again? Why should the people re-elect you?
Kurukshetra will be my only preferred place for the next elections. I have made sincere efforts to develop the constituency. People should judge the welfare initiatives of my party. But if voters feel that some other candidate can deliver more, then they should vote for him or her.

You are blamed for not bring any project providing direct employment.
My opponents also said that I should establish an industrial unit in Kurukshetra. But I reiterate that I will never do so as my professional life is separate from my public life.

Your opponents allege that you are inaccessible for works of the people.
MPs are lawmakers, not administrators. I have visited all villages of my constituency at least thrice in the past five years. I effectively supervise the district grievances redressal meeting and people approach me directly if they have a grouse against any government official.


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